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Enchantment relationship, self love Rose quartz bracelet

Enchantment relationship, self love Rose quartz bracelet

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Rose quartz is known as the stone of the god of love and beauty, Aphrodite - symbolizing romance beauty, love and tenderness. It teaches us that the source of love lies in oneself. Only when self love is abundant and unhindered can we improve our interpersonal relationships and romantic luck.

Its essence lies in self realization and inner peace, soothing wounds and allowing those who cannot experience the joy of life step into the realm of love. Rose quartz is also known for bringing inner nourishment and comfort.


Enhances the aura of love —— Brings forgiveness, love, romantic emotions, and interpersonal relationships. It also helps overcome the haze of heartbreaks.

Helps release feelings of fear, tension, guilt, sadness, jealousy, and emotional injury.

Helps readmit oneself

Boosts business opportunities—— Wearing rose quartz at work can help establish good public relations.

Inspired by the Pink lotus patterned bowl, Qing dynasty, China


· Each bracelet comes with a bamboo cotton linen pouch to store your merchandise.
· Please protect your precious stones from extreme heat or humidity, chemicals and impact. 

All of the stones we carry are natural. Due to the nature of the stones, each item's color and parttern will vary. It is inevitable that there might be ice cracks, wrappings, concave surfaces inside or on the stones. Do notice that this will not be considered a flaw/quality issue.

· The metaphysical healing powers and properties attributed to crystals/stones are not validated advice. This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. Oriental Colors Ltd. does not assure the validity of any claims or statements regarding healing or powers and cannot be held responsible under any circumstances. It is essential to consult with your doctor for personalized medical advice.

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