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Blooming hydrangeas healing, guidance, clarity Larima bracelet

Blooming hydrangeas healing, guidance, clarity Larima bracelet

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Larima is derived from the Spanish word “ocean”, "mar", which means "the incomparable blue". Also known as the "moonstone" in the Atlantis era, the Atlantis believe that it contains the power of the Mother Earth, which can balance and soothe emotions of the body and mind. As a gem from the ocean, Larima has a magical effect, drawing energy of the ocean and bringing positive energy to life.

Larima grows in the crevices and cavities in volcanic rocks. Its limited mining areas defines its scarcity.


The power to guide—— Larima can strip away distractions, fear and inexplicable sense of helplessness, helping the wearer keep their mind calm and clear.

Helps to “self-reflect”—— It lets the wearer objectively reflect, examine, and evaluate their own thinking and behavior patterns. Larima allows the wearer to better understand themselves.

Brings peace—— It helps to dissolve contentious and aggressive personality.

Inspired by the Snow gray silk embroidered hydrangea patterned shirt, Qing dynasty, China


· Each bracelet comes with a bamboo cotton linen pouch to store your merchandise.
· Please protect your precious stones from extreme heat or humidity, chemicals and impact. 

All of the stones we carry are natural. Due to the nature of the stones, each item's color and parttern will vary. It is inevitable that there might be ice cracks, wrappings, concave surfaces inside or on the stones. Do notice that this will not be considered a flaw/quality issue.
· The metaphysical healing powers and properties attributed to crystals/stones are not validated advice. This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. Oriental Colors Ltd. does not assure the validity of any claims or statements regarding healing or powers and cannot be held responsible under any circumstances. It is essential to consult with your doctor for personalized medical advice.


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